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Lonsin has passed Honeywell's HSE system.


Achieving accident-free places is Lonsin's process requirement. We ensure providing optimum work conditions in terms of health and safety. We require a high level of safety in processing and services and focus on the protection of employees, contractors, customers and the local surroundings, and this action principle has been carried out though the entire organisation.


In order to realize the protection of the safety of people and production, it is necessary to correctly identify and manage industrial risk. As part of this, we pay particular attention to adopt the most advanced management techniques and evaluate all kinds of risks in all facilities and stages in processing, so as to prevent harm to people and property, and to minimise environmental impact.


Lonsin actively promote the continual updating of its industrial risk control. After thorough updating, we approved the regulations on risk management in processing. For implementing them correctly, Lonsin's different units have developed plans for adapting their facilities to the requirements of these regulations. In addition, in order to improve the safety of our facilities, we have continued to make emergency plans and hold security drill regularly.


In the Health Safety and Environment Policy we commit to contributing to the sustainable development and improvement of the social environment and respecting human rights, the environment and security. To achieve this, we produce annual plans which set out precise objectives in accordance with our safety and environmental regulations and procedures.